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Elevation 9927' - Highest Airport in North America

Lake County - Leadville Airport is the highest airport in North America and the third highest in the world. Two higher airports exist in the South American Andean Mountains. This "highest" distinction is very important because the performance of an aircraft (ability to take off and climb well) deteriorates rapidly with altitude. In fact, many aircraft are operating above their manufacturer's specification altitudes when flying in Leadville.

34 and 16
Length: 6,400 feet - Width: 75 feet
Paved asphalt with pilot controlled lighting and PAPI lights on both runways.Picture 008.jpg

UNICOM frequency 122.8

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Daily
AV 100LL, JET A and rental cars
Fuel available 24 hours.

10,700 feet left for 34, right for 16


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