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Under the Assessor’s Office, the GIS section is responsible for the creation and maintenance of data relating to the countywide geographic information systems (GIS) for assessment purposes. The combination of assessment data with a GIS database creates visual tools to display values and various types of data in a more efficient way. Lake County Assessor’s Office thanks you for your patience as we continue to update the maps; please, report any errors you believe to have found in the forms below. Users should consult with the Lake County Assessor’s Office to ascertain whether any modifications have been made since the publication of this material.

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To Obtain GIS Data:

Cost: Full Lake County GIS Shape Files-$500 or $25/Secton 
Please fill out the order form and send it to with the subject: GIS Order
GIS Order Form (INSTRUCTIONSClick on link above followed by the download option download.JPG (next to the printer button) or open the document with Google Docs. Once in Word click on enable editting and complete the form with your information. Once finished, click on file and save the completed document)  

Applications Detail:
The Tax Parcel Viewer map is available for customers to view, search and identify tax parcels on an interactive map. It was created for internal purposes to provide analysis of spatial data to help the County make informed decisions.
The Sales & Economic Areas Map was created for internal purposes to help illustrate the property sales used in the reevaluation period, as well as, the current economic areas for Lake County.
The Recreation Map-2015, displays the various recreation activities including: trails and parks. We hope to have a more descriptive map in the future that explains the seasonal activities in more detail. 
The Lake County Zoning map is a graphic representation of the zoning in Lake County, if you need to use it for official purposes please go to the Building and Lake Use Department.
The City of Leadville Zoning map is a graphic representation of the zoning in the City of Leadville, if you need to use it for official purposes please go to the City Of Leadville Building Department.  

If you see any errors or missing information that could be added to the maps please, use the "To Report Errors" located above, the department is working hard to fix and update everything but always welcome outside input. 

**Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, Lake County cannot be responsible for consequences resulting from omissions or errors in the information and graphic representations made herein. **

 Recipients complete a Data License Agreement and pay applicable license fees before the County delivers GIS data.

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