Drivers License



       Lake County Driver's License Office

       505 Harrison Ave. Leadville, CO 80461



     Business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm

     Lunch:                 12:00pm - 1:00pm

     Closed: State and Federal Holidays


                                                     Services offered at County Office:

                                                     Renewals: Regular Colorado Driver's License

                                                      Commercial Driver's License

                                                      Colorado Identification Card

                                                      Colorado Instruction Permit

                                                      Colorado Motorcycle Permit

                                                      Colorado Commercial Learners Permit

                                                     Out of State Transfers

                                                     MVR - Motor Vehicle Report

                                                     Written Tests: Regular Driver Instruction Permit

                                                       Commercial Learners Permit

                                                       Motorcycle Permit

                                                       CDL Endorsements

                                         Required documents to apply for a Colorado credential:

                                               1) U S Passport with full legal name, or State/County

                                               Certified Birth Certificate.

                                               2) Social Security Card

                                               or verification of the number, i.e. W2 or 1099 Tax return.

                                              3) 2 forms of Physical Address - Name, Address, Dated within 

                                                the year.


                                      The Lake County Driver's License Office accepts Cash, Check, or Card

If you have Driver's License questions, please call Driver Services at 303-205-5613 








                                                                                                                                                                                                     June 2016           July 2016-17


         Driver's License                                                                                                                       $25.00                $26.00

              ( Renewal/Out of State Transfers)

         InstructionPermit                                                                                                                   $16.80                $16.80

              (Regular/Out of State/CDL's)  I.D.                                                                                  $11.50                $11.50

       1st Duplicate                                                                                                                              $9.00                $12.00

               (Under 21/CDL's)

       Any Additional Duplicates                                                                                                       $                         $14.00

               (Under 21/CDL's)

       Written Retest                                                                                                                             $11.15               $11.15

       Driving Record                                                                                                                            $2.60               $9.00

               (Motor Vehicle Record) 



        As of June 8, 2016, ALL expired Driver's License, ID Cards, Permits, CDL's, and Out of State Transfers are required to show Lawful Presence, Social Security Number, and 2 forms of physical address.

        Lawful Presence:  US Passport, State/County Certified Birth Certificate, Unexpired Colo DL/ID, Unexpired Out of   State enhanced indicator.

        Social Security #:  Social Security Card, W-2 form, SSA-1099 form, Non-SSA 1099 form

        2 Forms of Physical Address: Any Service address bill, ie. Utility (Energy, Gas, Sewer, Water, Cable, Phone)                Rental agreement, Bank Statement, etc..

         All documents must be original, typed, nothing handwritten, electronic from authorized businesses, and within    one year of presenting them.

        The State of Colorado is in compliance with the Real ID Act (6 CFR 37). This is a federal law that requires State issued DL/ID's to meet certain minimum standards. The cards are accepted for federal purposes, such as access to federal facilities, boarding commercial aircraft, or other secure federal facilities designated by the Secretary of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security. The Real ID Act and 1 CCR 204-30, Rule 6, requires customers who are U. S. citizens, Lawful Permanent Resident and Temporary Lawfully Present Commercial drivers to present these documents.


        If you have any questions please call the Lake County Drivers License Office at 719-486-0888, or Driver Services at







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