Sarah Mudge

Sarah Mudge


Commissioner Sarah Mudge is honored to be elected to represent the people of Lake County in this exciting time of prospect and challenges.  She comes to this role from three years working for the county at Lake County Build a Generation, facilitating a Safe Routes to School coalition, and working on policy and infrastructure improvements around multi-model transportation.  She also has been involved in volunteer work through the City of Leadville, including the Planning Commission and the Main Street Program.


Commissioner Mudge knows that it is critical to be at the table and to be a part of the conversations happening within our community, region, and state. She believes that collaborating with the citizens of Lake County and throughout our region, and ensuring a supportive foundation for our work, is how we will prepare and grow opportunities together as a county.


Sarah is a strong woman, a close friend, devoted wife, and a proud mother. She has met her rising expectations of our community with her increased level of participation in our community.  Whatever be the issue or project, she can ensure her partnership in considering and investigating the whole picture.  Sarah values participation, information sharing, and education.   She knows how important community input is and appreciates how Leadville and Lake County residents continue to shape and grow her perspective.


Sarah believes out of honesty, candor, and facing challenges in unity, the best moments of critical thinking and collaborative ideas and solutions will emerge.       

Commissioner Mudge currently has the responsibility of oversight and/or participation in the following departments, and local/regional boards:

 Intermountain Transportation Planning Region (IMTPR)

Leadville Lake County Fire Management & Planning Boards

Upper Arkansas Headwaters Association - State Parks

Public Health Agency: Repository, Blood Lead, Build a Generation (BAG)

Building & Land Use

Human Resources (HR)

Cloud City Conservation Center (C4)

Emergency Operations Council (EOC) (all three commissioners)

Office of Emergency Management (OEM) (all three commissioners)

Public Works: Road & Bridge, Airport, Landfill (all three commissioners)

Lake County Open Space Initiative (LCOSI) (all three commissioners)

Budget & Finance Dept.(all three commissioners)

Human Resources (all three commissioners)

Lake County Democratic Central Committee (LCDCC/DCC, all elected officials in democratic party)


Other Interests and Participation In (but not limited to):

Lake County Housing Action Team (LCHAT)

Main Street Program

Leadville Arts Coalition (LAC)

Cloud City Wheelers bike club (CCW)

City of Leadville Planning and Zoning

Lake County School District, Westpark Elementary Health & Wellness Team

Justice Center Workgroup

Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI)










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