Have you ever wanted to help to put out simple fires, or go on a search and rescue mission?
Do you have a real desire to assist firefighters or the EMT that drives the ambulance?
Do you want to help those who have been affected in a real emergency?
The damage caused by natural disasters and man-made events such as earthquakes, snowstorms, wildfires, flooding and terrorism can affect all elements of society and government. These events severely restrict or overwhelm our response resources, communications, transportation, and utilities. This can leave many individuals and neighborhoods cut off from outside support.
It takes time for emergency response agencies to set up and prepare for an organized response, and damaged roads and disrupted communications systems may restrict our access to critically affected areas. Thus, for the initial period immediately following a disaster – often 3 days or longer – individuals, households, and neighborhoods man need to rely on their own resources for food, water, first aid, and shelter.
The Lake County Office of Emergency Management in partnership with Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Leadville / Lake County Fire Rescue and Lake County Public Health are working together to provide citizens an opportunity to serve in times of crisis. To this end we are using a model developed by the Los Angeles Fire Department in 1994. It is called the Citizens Emergency Response Team. Today there are hundreds of CERT teams that have been organized around the nation.


CERT members are trained to:
  •       Prepare for Disasters
  •       Understand Fire Safety
  •       Assist with Disaster Medical Operations
  •       Perform Light Search and Rescue Operations
  •       Understanding CERT Organization and Deployment
  •       Understand Disaster Psychology
  •       Understanding Terrorism and CERT
And the CERT member will participate in a disaster simulation.
The CERT team member can be the link between survival and death for the persons that they serve.
If you have a desire to serve your community during an emergency call:
Lake County Emergency Services at 719-486-3333 and leave a message;


CERT gives the average citizen a chance to be trained on how to protect themselves and others in a real crisis. They become the vital link between the time that the incident occurs and the time that the first response team arrives. These skills will help save and sustain lives until help arrives.



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