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Lake County Department of Human Services is dedicated to providing services that will enrich the quality of life for members of our community by building on strengths, and empowering individuals and families to improve their well-being and self-sufficiency.
Colorado Childcare Assistance Program Click Here 
We are open Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.
Director Janeen McGee - 719-486-4159
Accountant Karen Bates - 719-486-4156
Administrative Assistant Sierra Palumbo- 719-486-4199
Administrative Assistant Eudelia Contreras - 719-486-4160
Child Welfare & Adult Protective Services
Casework Supervisor Patricia Gibbons – 719-486-4158
Casework Lead Anita Glenn - 719-486-4161
Caseworker Jamie Watts - 719-486-7465
Caseworker Karen Reynolds - 719-486-4150
Case Aide Karen Cochran – 719-486-2088
Child Support Enforcement
Child Support Administrator Carmen Mora - 719-486-4155
Child Support Legal Tech Tammy R. McEwen - 719-486-4154
Public Assistance 
Income Maintenance Tech Crystal Euceda - 719486-4153
Income Maintenance Tech Jim Rachwiz - 719-486-7463
Income Maintenance Lora Behm - 719-486-7461
Public Assistance Supervisor Paige Trujillo - 719-486-4162
Wraparound Facilitator Gloria Perez 
Colorado Child Care Assistance Program Tech Sonia Luna – 719-486-2497  






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