Affective June 1st, 2013 the Lake County Landfill residents no longer may dispose of most electronic waste.  E-waste recycling is the recycling of the electronic waste from electronic hardware. As more of these newer hardware items like cellphones, computers, and stereos enter the marketplace, there is a need to recycle the older products that they replace.

Any resident found illegally dumping of any E-waste into the face of the landfill will be charged a messy dumpers fee along with the price of that item they are trying to dispose of.

Beginning July 1, Colorado residents no longer may dispose of most electronic waste (e-waste) in their household trash because Colorado landfills no longer may accept e-waste. The change is the result of a new law, the Electronic Recycling Jobs Act. Industry, most businesses, government agencies, institutions and schools already are subject to e-waste disposal restrictions.

“The new law applies to TV sets, central processing units, computer monitors and peripherals, printers and fax machines, all kinds of laptops and notebook computers, DVD players, VCRs and any video display device with a screen larger than four inches,” explained Wolf Kray, recycling specialist with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The ban also includes radios, stereo equipment and video game consoles. Telephones, motor vehicle components and non-hazardous industrial or commercial devices still may be legally disposed of in a Colorado landfill.

                                                                                                    E-RECYCLING RATES

                                                                               County Residents                                 Out of County Residents

                                                     Digital Cameras          Free                                                           Free
                                                     CPUS/Laptops                   Free                                                           Free
                                                     Cell Phones                  Free                                                            Free
                                                     Calculators                  Free                                                           Free
                                                     Handheld PDAs          Free                                                         Free
                                                     CRT Monitor                  $7.00                                                         $10.00 
                                                     Flat Screen Monitors        $3.00                                                         $6.00 
                                                     Small Desktop Printers    $2.00                                                         $5.00 
                                                     Keyboards and Mouse  $1.00                                                        $4.00 
                                                     TV's -Flat Screen          $10.00                                                         $13.00 
                                                     TV's -Large/Console         $20.00                                                         $23.00 
                                                     Office Phones                  $1.00                                                         $4.00 
                                                     Stereos                          $4.00                                                         $7.00 
                                                     Radios                          $1.00                                                         $4.00 
To see more information on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable e-waste materials CLICK HERE


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