Recreation Links for Leadville and Lake County

Lake County has an abundance of recreation-related businesses, organizations, and clubs. 

Leadville – Twin Lakes Chamber of Commerce is a good source for some of this information as well as Lake County Build a Generation, and The Leadville Community Hub.

Links to local amenities and programs:

1. Cloud City Ski Club - contact Jeff Maddex at 719-486-3531.

2. Could City Wheelers - singletrack trails and races, click HERE.

3. Girl Scouts - contact Lisa Roeder at

4. Mount Elbert Moto - americas highest motocorss track, click HERE.

5. Mount Massive Golf Course - click HERE.

6. Rock Mountain Bowmen Archery - click HERE.

7. Ski Cooper - click HERE.

8. Skyline Baseball - tball and baseball. Contact Dorothy at

9. 4H - contact Laura Main at

10. Peaceful Warriors Wrestling - Contact Danny at

11. Taekwando - Contact Master Towar at 970-389-5089.

12. Leadville Nordic - youth skiing. Contact Karl at

If you’d like your organization or club on the list, or added to our website please contact Amber Magee at 719-486-7486, Felicia Roeder at 719-486-7484 or Karen Lewis at 719-486-7494.


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