Special Events

 Due to the increase in local traffic, communications and calls for service resulting from special events in Lake County; resources have been significantly impacted.  The ability to provide adequate quality service to the residents of Lake County is being compromised weekly due to these events.  As a result, ALL special events impacting unincorporated Lake County expected to have over 250 participants, spectators or team members (Collectively referred to as participants), will be REQUIRED to contract personnel with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.  A minimum of ONE Communications Officer will be required for the duration of the event.  Events expected to have over 500 participants will REQUIRE a minimum of ONE Patrol Deputy.  These requirements will be predetermined by the amount of participants and spectators disclosed in the event application. 

 Any misrepresentation of the amount of participants disclosed on an application may result in the immediate cancellation of the event by law enforcement up to and including the day of the event.  Any “Call out” of law enforcement resources resulting from the event shall be billed directly to the event.  Failure to pay for resources will result in the denial of future applications by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

 This personnel requirement does not include law enforcement personnel requested to provide security, traffic control or other services and is specifically for the purposes of mitigating the increased traffic flow of pedestrians and vehicles in the community. 

 For the purposes of special events, ANY TIME participants will be occupying a County Road for any amount of time, to include “Team vehicles”, shall be considered an “Impact on normal flow of traffic on a roadway” as this increases traffic and requires a heightened alert for commuters and citizens. This does not however, require the hiring of law enforcement, only the proper mitigation actions (ie. Certified flaggers, route directors, signage, etc.) by the event coordinator and proper disclosure on your application. 

 Patrol Deputy -        $18.75/hour Scheduled

                                    $37.50/hour Non-scheduled (Call out)

 Communications -  $16.10/hour Scheduled

                                    $32.20/hours Non-scheduled (Call out)

 *All charges include use of normal equipment, fuel, and compensation

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