Patrol Division

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The Lake County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division falls under the Operations section of the Sheriff's Office.  They are a vital portion of the Sheriff's Office.  Patrol Deputies conduct regular proactive patrols through the almost 400 square miles of Lake County every day.  There are Patrol Deputies working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Patrol responds to and investigates all calls/crimes that are routed through the Lake County Communications (Dispatch) Center.  Patrol Deputies assist citizens during emergencies and critical incidents.  They also serve civil papers as required by statute.  

The Patrol Division is staffed by 2 Sergeants and 7 Deputies. It is the goal of the Sheriff's Office to increase the Patrol Division to 9 Deputies, when feasible and sustainable, as Lake County continues to grow.  Both Sergeants and all Deputies have multiple ancillary duties and daily tasks.  The Division is overseen by the Undersheriff.

*In 2017, we had an average of 5 Deputies working patrol due to staff shortage and missed work due to injuries.  A Patrol Deputy should work around 183 days a year.  During 2017, there were about 4,700 events opened by Dispatch for patrol, with 1,250 case #'s pulled by Deputies.  With these numbers, that averages out each Deputy handling 940 events and 250 cases a year.

All Patrol Deputies that live within Lake County are issued a take home vehicle to increase Deputy presence and quick response ability.  


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