County Manager

About Us

The County Manager's office provides direction, support and accountability for all Departments to deliver the services approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The Manager works with departments to deliver services efficiently and follows best practices. The BOCC receives input and suggestions from the manager as requested and specifically for highly technical policy and budgetary issues.

The County Manager's office is currently working on the following short and long term objectives:

  • Significant improvements to the organizational structure and operations of Lake County Government
  • Develop and implement our internal and external communications programs
  • Making immediate reductions in expenditures and/or creating efficiency to generate unrestricted revenues which can be used to fund emerging needs
  • Accurately and authentically identify current and future service level goals
  • Support the BOCC in their involvement in higher level decisions at the state, regional and federal levels.
  • Annual department evaluations for compliance with BOCC vision and priorities
  • Increased support for developing staff
  • Succession planning for department directors and developing career paths for staff
  • Engaging with local education organizations to bolster local workforce