Community Planning and Development manages On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Permitting (Septic Systems) for the County. You must obtain a valid Septic Permit to install or repair a septic system. To install or repair a septic system, you must be a licensed septic system contractor. Thinking about selling your home that has an OWTS (Septic System)? Lake County has a Transfer of Title program. This requires you to apply for a Transfer of Title Permit prior to selling your home to ensure the OWTS is in proper working order.

NOTICE: On February 22, the Board of Health approved Lake County Community Planning & Development's proposed On-site Wastewater Treatment System regulations relating to short-term rentals. If you have a septic system and/or short-term rental license or are interested in acquiring a license, review the below resources. For further questions, please reach out to David Wilson.