Burn Permits / Fire Restrictions


Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue (LLCFR) issues burn permits as weather conditions warrant. 

Exception: Recreational and cooking fires less than 3 feet in diameter, and 2 feet in height and are confined in fireproof containers do not require a permit.

LLCFR requires burn permits for public safety and to ensure permitted sites are known. This can assist in handling calls for fire or smoke at a known burn site. LLCFR also wishes to share fire safety practices with all permittees. We appreciate the cooperation of the community to follow this process. If you have questions please call Leadville/Lake County Fire Rescue at 719-486-2990.

For information regarding fire restrictions within the National Forest, please call the United States Forest Service at 719-486-0749, or visit their website.

You can also visit the Colorado Fire Prevention and Control website for more information.

What Can Be Burned with a Burn Permit

A burn permit allows the burning of natural vegetation (e.g. slash) and wood products not treated in any way (dimensional lumber that has not been water sealed, painted, or had glue applied to it)


To obtain a burn permit either:

  1. Download a Burn Permit Form (PDF) or
  2. Stop by the fire station and pick one up.

Once the permit is filled out bring it to the fire department during regular business hours (8 am to 5 pm) for approval.