Organizational Philosophy


LLCFR's organizational philosophy is built upon the following principles:

"First In, Last Out":

This is the core ideology of LLCFR. In this simple statement lives the standard of excellence to which we measure ourselves, the finest traditions of the fire service to which we commit ourselves and the altitude to which we daily aspire.

We are the community's all-risk response agency, to which people turn in time of need. We therefore pride ourselves on being the first-in - never shirking our responsibility to protect the public whom we serve, or serving the public whom we protect - and last out - never leaving until the job is finished.

This is the ideology of the entire organization, from management to line firefighter, which drives our daily efforts, whether conducting vehicle checks, helping with a community event, fighting fire or rescuing people from danger. It is the faith we instill in those who call 9-1-1.


"Reducing community risk through excellence in emergency service.


We will be appropriately equipped, excellently trained and eminently capable of meeting the community's need for fire protection and emergency services.

We will be a national example of a fire-rescue organization dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

We will provide effective staffing patterns throughout our service area by creating a fire-rescue department that draws and retains high-caliber, strongly motivated members. We will be the kind of fire department to which people far and wide want to belong.

We will be an aggressive fire department; renown for our assertive and effectual response, uncompromising in our commitment to responder safety, and unquestionably dedicated to our reason for existing.

We will be known as a smart fire department; one that studies, examines and learns and does not fear evolving. People will come from miles around to train with us.

Leadville Lake County Fire-Rescue will be the model that other fire departments copy.


Leadville Lake County Fire-Rescue holds the following core values:

  1. Excellence— In every effort: In all things, we will strive to achieve excellence, whether in the provision of our numerous services or in the working relationships we have with each other.
  2. Tradition— The finest traditions of the Fire Service: we will honor and live up to the finest traditions of Fire Service, particularly those that speak to faithful service to those in need, brother- and sisterhood, and the trust of the community whom we serve.
  3. Altitude— Professionalism beyond all question: We will know and fulfill our jobs. We will never stop learning, improving or achieving. We will present our selves to the public and to each in the most professional of lights.

Dignity Statement

Leadville Lake County Fire-Rescue respects the uniqueness of all individuals and recognizes that having people with diverse backgrounds, creeds, points-of-view and ethnicities brings strength to the organization. The Department supports this by:

  • Ensuring equal opportunity to all members;
  • Prohibiting all discrimination and harassment;
  • Encouraging all members to communicate and behave in a manner which is sensitive to, and acknowledges the viewpoints of others;
  • Regarding diversity as a resource that enriches the organizational environment through the sharing of differing perspectives, experiences, and ideas;
  • Removing barriers to teamwork through collaboration, problem solving, and the constructive resolution of conflicts.

All members of the organization are expected to treat each other with respect at all times. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the Department.

Core Purpose

Leadville Lake County Fire-Rescue's core purpose for existing is to save lives and protect property.

Common Code of Ethics

  • Each member will remain accurate in their communications, never misrepresenting the facts or shading the truth.
  • Each member will commit to not participating in firehouse rumors, denigrating other members or striping other members of their dignity.
  • Each member will commit to continuous learning and self-improvement, always striving to fulfill the ideal of a "professional" fire firefighter.
  • Each member will commit to never violating the public trust through act, word or deed.
  • Each member will commit to the continuous development of one team, one fire department, one mission.
  • Each member will look-out for the welfare of other members and help other members overcome their weaknesses while learning from their strengths.