Short-Term Rentals

STR Moratorium

We are currently under a Short-Term Rental Moratorium, not accepting new applications for 2024 at this time, though 2023 license-holders in good standing may apply for a 2024 license. The moratorium will end on February 28, 2024. See the resolution (PDF)

The moratorium was put into effect at the instruction of the Lake County BOCC, who requested the staff of the Community Planning and Development Department implement a process to take community input, research regional examples of STR policy, and recommend policy for consideration by the BOCC going forward.

Moratorium Timeline


  • Staff hosted two public town halls in June 2023 to receive community feedback on the process.
  • Staff engaged a consultant, Economic & Planning Systems, to research policy in similar and regional communities, and drafted policy options for the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Staff planned a second town hall to share findings and recommendations.

1/9/2024 Short-Term Rental Town Hall 



  • Board of Health Public Hearing - decision on STR OWTS regulations


  • Planning Commission & BOCC Joint Public Hearing on short-term rental policy code amendment 


  • Decision by the BOCC – adoption of short-term rental policy through a code amendment 
  • Moratorium ends


  • New policy in place

STR Policy Feedback

We currently seek and welcome feedback on the short-term rental draft policy. Current community feedback can be found here. We ask that the community review these materials before providing feedback:

You may provide feedback via

  • This survey monkey poll where you can weigh in on which of the three capping options you prefer.
  • Submit your comments via the form in the righthand column of this page.
  • Any community member is welcome to give feedback on any county issue at the beginning of Regular BOCC meetings (1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11 a.m.) via zoom or in person. You are limited to 3 minutes. 

2024 STR Applications 

If you are a Short-Term Rental property owner with a 2023 license in good standing, we are now accepting applications for 2024. Please email Cece Williams for a 2024 application. 

Application Process

Lake County currently requires four documents to be submitted when applying for a Short-Term Rental license:

  • Completed Application
  • Completed Acknowledgment page
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Documentation of Tax Licenses or listing information with a company who will handle taxes (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)

Once the Community Planning & Development office has received these documents, we conduct an administrative review, process payment, and issue a license.

Licensed Short-Term Rental List

Lake County provides a list of currently licensed short term rentals within the county (PDF).

Regulations Regarding Short-Term Rentals

Chapter 5 section 5.2.18 outlines the specific regulations for Short-Term Rentals including where they are allowed, submittal requirements, fees, standards, violations, and penalties.

Short Term Rental Regulations (PDF)

City of Leadville Properties 

The City of Leadville has their own process for Short-Term Rentals and any questions about a city property should be directed to them. 

City of Leadville Short Term Rental Licensing

Please email Cece Williams with questions regarding Short-Term Rentals in Lake County or to submit a complaint.