Regional Housing Department

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) agree with community concerns that we are in a housing crisis, due to a lack of affordable housing. The BOCC is committed to leading efforts to preserve affordable housing and will work with our partners to build affordable housing for our community.  The Leadville Lake County Regional Housing Authority (LLCRHA) is a collaborative effort of The County, The City, and the Community, created to work on housing solutions. The LLCRHA board and Development Sub-committee is fully seated. You can learn more about this partnership and their meetings on our LLCRHA page. 

In 2022, a director was hired to work with the LLCRHA and pursue affordable housing strategies for Leadville/Lake County. We are simultaneously working on three strategies to ensure short and long-term affordable housing:

  • Long Term – Exploring publicly owned property including the Harrison ballfield.  A master plan will be conducted to look at engineering, planning, design, in addition to community and partner engagement. 
  • Mid Term – Looking at County-owned land and working with partners to acquire land on which to build 20 affordable housing units in the next 1-2 years. 
  • Short Term – As we look at longer term solutions, we see our affordable housing inventory being sold off to outside investors and are investigating purchasing inventory to be maintained as affordable rentals. 

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