Electronics Disposal

E-Waste Disposal

As of 2013, it is illegal to dispose of electronic waste (eg. Cell phones, computers, stereos, tvs,) in your household or business trash. However, you may bring electronic waste to the landfill and pay a fee to have that item recycled. Please see the list on this page for eligible items, and call the landfill for any questions.

New E-Recycling Rates 2021

ItemCounty Residents Fee
Out-of-County Persons Fee
Digital Cameras$1$4
Cell Phones and Landline Phones$1$4
Adding Machines$1$4
Handheld PDAs$1$4
CRT Monitor$7$10
CPU Monitor$3$5
Desktop Printers$4$6
Large Printers$10$12
Keyboards and Mouse$1$4
TV's - Per Inch$1$2
Video Game Consoles$3$5
Cable Receiver$3$5
Speakers$3 (set)$4 (set)

When you bring electronic items for disposal, please talk to the gate attendant for instructions and to pay your fee.

Any resident found illegally dumping of any e-waste into the face of the landfill will be charged a messy dumpers fee along with the price of that item they are trying to dispose of.

eCycling Flyer

To see more information on what are acceptable and unacceptable e-waste materials, view the Waste Management eCycling Flyer (PDF).