S.T.A.R Soil Health Program

Thanks to a partnership with the Upper Arkansas Conservation District, Lake County Conservation District was chosen as one of 17 districts across the state to participate in the Colorado Department of Agriculture's pilot soil health initiative. Created by the 2021 Soil Health Bill, STAR encourages farmers and ranchers to implement new soil health practices by connecting them with financial and technical assistance. As part of the program, producers from Salida to Leadville are prioritizing soil health with techniques ranging from applying compost extract to planting new cover crops. Practices such as these have many wide-reaching positive impacts, including improved yields, higher crop nutrition, more soil water holding capacity, and a better bottom line for producers- all of which lead to stronger and more resilient agricultural communities.

As ST.A.R expands, the districts hope to enroll more local producers in the program.

To learn more about ST.A.R, or register for a free soil health test, visit Soil Health | Department of Agriculture at Colorado.gov.