Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

  • Please read our fact sheet on the Dangerous Health Effects of Burning Plastic at Home 
  • Get a quick glimpse of some of the most important ways to protect the air in your home by touring the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) House. Room-by-room, you'll learn about the key pollutants and how to address them. If you don't want to take the tour, read our Text Version.
  • Asthma - is a serious, life-threatening respiratory disease that affects millions of Americans, accounting for nearly 2 million emergency department visits each year.
  • Asbestos is a microscopic mineral fiber that was widely used in construction applications (including but not limited to items like insulation, tiling and popcorn ceilings) up until 1980. Do not attempt to test or remove asbestos on your own, it's safer to have licensed professionals test and abate any suspected asbestos as exposure is known to cause several diseases, including a rare cancer called mesothelioma. Learn more about asbestos and the dangers of exposure at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance site.
  • For State Wide Air Pollution Control information please see the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Air Quality website.

Outdoor Air Quality - Smoke

Why should you be concerned about Air Pollution?

Outdoor Air Quality - Open Burning

Lake County has a large amount of forest and with the impacts of the Pine Beetle, responsible property owners are having to make decisions about how to get rid of slash waste. One possible method is to burn the slash in place. This can create an air quality problem as well as a fire control concern.

  • Can I burn my pile of slash? In most cases you can burn slash piles but permits are required from the local fire authority. For very large piles, the state health department will need to permit burning. Contact the local fire department to determine what kind of permit you may need.
  • Can I have a campfire in my backyard? Recreational fires do not require a burn permit so long as they are kept under control and small. It is recommended to contact local fire department to notify them of your plans prior to burning.