2023 / 2024 Sales


Tax year 2023 is a revaluation year. Below are the sales used to determine the valuation for most properties in Lake County.


Refer to the Assessor's Maps tab on the left to see a map of the sales that occurred during the valuation period of July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022.

Time Trend

We applied a time trend of 2.26% per month for all residential improved sales and 6.64% per month for vacant land within the data collection period. In times of significant increase or decrease of sales values, the state requires all counties to trend sales prices to the June 30th appraisal date. For the 2023 Lake County data collection period, we saw significant increases in sales values of improved property and vacant land throughout the 24-month data collection period. What this means is that all sales prices will be trended up to the June 30, 2022 appraisal date. This then is the sales price the assessor's office must use to set new values.

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