Recording Fees


Recordings can be mailed to:

Lake County Clerk and Recorder
P.O. Box 917
Leadville, CO 80461

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscription to view recorded documents is $250 a month and.25 cents a copy.

Public Records Search

Search Lake County public records online! For indexes recorded from 1980 to current - $25 for 24 hour period plus $0.25 per printed page (Credit Cards Only).


Lake County Clerk accepts e-recording documents.

All documents to be recorded will be assessed a $3 surcharge per document.


  • First written page of each document - $ 10, plus $3 surcharge (total $13 for first page)
  • Each additional written page - $ 5 ($18 for two pages, $23 for three pages, etc.)
  • Plats/surveys first page - $ 20, plus $3 surcharge
  • Each additional plat page - $ 20
  • UCC filings -1 to 2 pages $13, 3 pages or more $18
  • Mining claims - any document in which a mining claim, placer or lode is mentioned that is not part of a designated subdivision is considered a mining document. Fees are $5 for every page plus $0.25 for each claim, placer or lode mentioned plus the state documentary fee if applicable.
  • State documentary fee: Collected on deeds that transfer real estate, in addition to recording fees, $.10 per $1,000 of consideration. This fee is if the purchase price is $500 or more.
  • Marriage license (Appointment Only) - $ 30 (cash only) no marriage applications accepted after 4 pm Applicants need to provide a valid form of identification, know the place of birth of themselves, names and spellings of both parents including mother's maiden name and the current residency of their parents. If applicant is divorced, they must provide the name of the city and state where divorce took place, the date of the divorce, and type of court that granted the divorce.
  • Photocopy cost - per page - $ 0.25 if recorded from 1980 to the current time, if prior to 1980 on microfiche or book $1.25 per page.
  • Plat copy - per page - $10.
  • Certification - per document - $1.
  • Marriage license copy - $2 and certification - $1 (total $3).


If you have questions, please call us at 719-486-4131.