The County Treasurer is responsible for mailing Property Tax Statements to the owner of record, collecting property taxes, and disbursing taxes to the taxing authorities. Redemption on tax liens and mobile home permits are issued from the Treasurer's Office. The Country Treasurer also holds the office of Public Trustee and is responsible for processing release Deeds of Trust and Foreclosures on Deeds of Trust.

Senate Bill 23b-001 and other changes to your property tax notice

Thank you for visiting the Lake County Treasurer website. There are two major changes to your tax statement for 2023 property taxes in response to changes in state law and county actions to provide some level of taxpayer relief.

First, your tax statements will arrive later than normal. The Colorado Legislature and Governor Polis recently enacted changes in SB23B-001 to accommodate property tax relief, which will delay Colorado counties certifying their tax roll. The new tax roll deadline is January 24, 2024, which is two weeks later than previous years. This extra time will allow taxing authorities sufficient time to certify their mill levies and county assessors more time to compile newly required data. The changes are not expected to alter the first-half payment due date for property taxes which is February 29, 2024.

Second, Lake County is providing a temporary mill levy reduction on your property taxes paid in 2024. This was approved by the Board of County Commissioners to help offset the significant rise in property values. It reduces the property tax rate and therefore the amount of property tax paid to Lake County. This temporary mill levy reduction is included in your tax statement and no action is needed on your part to claim it. If this change also applies to other taxing authorities, it will be shown as a mill levy credit on your tax notice.