Employee Retirement

Lake County is proud to offer matching retirement accounts through Colorado Retirement Association (CRA). For more information and investment counseling, please contact Francisco Chacon at 720-493-6518 or schedule a meeting with him online.

You can register or log in to your CRA retirement account online. If you have questions regarding your 401a or 457b, please contact CRA at 800-352-0313.

Eligible employees will see 401a contributions on their first paycheck from Lake County Government. Participation is mandatory and LCG will automatically match 3% of each paycheck into the employee's 401a account. Employees can elect to contribute to a 457b plan as well, and Lake County will match the 457b contribution up to 6% of the paycheck into the employee's 401a retirement account.

457b contributions will begin on the first paycheck after the 1st of the month following the employee's election. Employees can change their elections at any time. 457b changes will be effective on the 1st of the month following the change. If an employee decides to stop all 457b contributions, changes will be effective on the immediate next payroll.

To make a contribution change, beneficiary change, or for any questions regarding your retirement account(s), please contact Zoe Bergstrom or Karina Olave in Human Resources.

Loan ApplicationsIf you would like to take out a loan on your 401a or 457b Retirement Account, call CRA at 800-352-0313, then contact Human Resources to receive the loan application. Please complete and fax loan applications to Empower Retirement at 866-745-5766 and submit a copy to HR to Zoe Bergstrom or Karina Olave.