Cure a Foreclosure

Bring Your Mortgage Current So You Can Stop the Foreclosure

This is called: Cure a foreclosure

You must file a Notice of Intent to Cure at least 15 calendar days before the date of sale in order for us to contact your lender’s attorney to request the amount necessary to bring your loan current. We will notify you with the amount to cure and the date on which payment must be received by our office. The foreclosure sale will be stopped when we receive the cure payment.

If the cure statement is not received by the legal deadline, the foreclosure sale date will be continued until you have been timely provided with the amount needed to bring the loan current.

The cure statement will include all sums due and owing under the term of the note and Deed of Trust, all lender fees and costs and all Public Trustee fees and costs for initiating a foreclosure action.

File Intent to Cure

The only parties who can legally file an Intent to Cure include, but are not limited to, property owners, persons liable, guarantor of evidence of debt and junior lien holders. An Intent to Cure must be filed at least fifteen (15) days before the scheduled Public Trustee sale.


An Intent to Cure may be filed by email, fax, mail or in person at the Lake County Public Trustee’s office. There is no fee to file; filing does not obligate the filer to cure. Cure funds must be received in the Public Trustee’s office by noon on the day before the sale. Find out what forms of payment are acceptable by vising our Fees page.