Why does the fire department send a fire truck to medical calls?

Have you ever visited a hospital emergency room? If you have, you probably saw lots of sophisticated medical equipment, several doctors, nurses and other medical professionals all attending to one patient, all working in concert to ensure that the patient receives the best possible medical care. Now consider an emergency medical call in the field, outside the hospital. Nowhere near the sophisticated medical equipment and nowhere near the number of medical professionals; just the patient, who is often in a dangerous environment, the ambulance crew and the fire department. To ensure the best possible care in the field, the fire department must respond with trained and equipped medical professionals. We, too, work in concert with the ambulance crew to ensure that the patient has the greatest chances of surviving the emergency. Often we provide direct patient care. Other times, we provide drivers for the ambulance as they care for the patient while en route to the hospital; or we rescue the patient so that they can receive medical care, or carry them from their upstairs bedroom to the ambulance. Just as it does in the hospital, good medical care requires a team of professionals. Your fire department is an integral part of the community's emergency medical team.

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1. Doesn't the fire department just put out fires?
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3. Why does the fire department send a fire truck to medical calls?
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