Can I camp on my land?

You can camp as a primary use on your land if it is allowed in the zoning district and the parcel/property is greater than 5 acres. View the table of uses allowed by zone district (PDF).

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1. Can I camp on my land?
2. My parcel is not 5 acres; can I camp on my land?
3. How can I camp on my land with less than 5 acres?
4. How do I know if camping is an allowed use for the zoning of my parcel?
5. I see people with campers while building, is this allowed?
6. How long can I camp on my property if I meet the other regulations and criteria?
7. I have more than 5 acres, how long can I camp on my property?
8. What constitutes a camping unit?
9. How many camping units can I have on my property? Can I have my friends camp on my property?
10. Can I store my recreational vehicles on my parcel? What about my snowmobiles, trailer, vehicles, or other OHVs?
11. Can I place a tiny home on my land?