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Community Planning & Development

  1. GIS Error Submission Form
  2. Leadville Lake County Regional Housing Authority Board of Directors Candidate Application
  3. Questions for the Board of Adjustment
  1. Housing for Leadville Locals Form

    We're building a network of renters, buyers, landlords, and sellers who are interested in keeping housing local, not selling to the... More…

  2. OHV Feedback Form

    Lake County is seeking public input regarding recreational use on County Roads, Ordinance 23-01, or any information the community would... More…

  3. Short Term Rental Community Feedback Form

    In September of 2022, the Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution 2022-22 which imposed a temporary moratorium, or a temporary... More…


  1. Budget Public Comments

    This page is for members of the public to comment on the Lake County Budget.