Civil Standby

The Sheriff's Office will comply and assist with court ordered Civil Standbys, with the allowed time being 15 minutes for persons to remove what is required/needed at that time. Scheduling for a court ordered civil standby is at the discretion of the Sheriff's Office due to staffing and emergency possibilities, although we will try our best to assist as soon as possible. You will be required to have the court order in-hand prior to our response. This is not an opportunity to "move out", it is a court order to allow someone to safely remove essential items while having a Deputy there to prevent any issues or crimes from occurring.

If you require a court ordered civil standby, please call (719) 486-1249 and have all specifics ready to explain.

Non-court ordered civil standbys are available through the Sheriff's Office. If you require this service, please see the related fee schedule and make all attempts to schedule the standby as early as possible, which will allow us the best possibility of making your requested time/day work.

If you require a non-court ordered civil standby, please call (719) 486-1249 or (719) 486-4191. Have several days and times available and make sure to review and understand the fees and payment process prior to scheduling.

View the Lake County Sheriff's Office Fee Schedule.

Please Note: Both types of civil standbys may be canceled or shortened at any time due to staffing and/or emergencies. We will make all attempts to complete them. Any scheduled and paid for standby that is canceled or shortened by the Sheriff's Office will be honored or refunded the applicable amount. It may be rescheduled as well.