Public Meetings

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) tentative schedule of workshops and meetings:

If you wish to meet with the Commissioners, it is by appointment only. Thank you.

Meeting Recording Archive
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11-18-2021 Board of Review Meeting
11-08-2021 Planning Commission Meeting

11-04-2021 Board of Health Meeting & Public Hearing
11-01-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
10-25-2021 Planning Commission - Joint City-County Work-Session
10-18-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
10-15-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Presenting the 2022 Preliminary Budget
10-12-2021 Board of Health Meeting & Public Hearing for OWTS variance

10-07-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Going into Executive Session

10-07-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Coming out of Executive Session

10-05-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting

9-30-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Going into Executive Session

9-30-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Coming out of Executive Session

9-27-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
9-22-2021 LCCHP meeting
9-21-2021 BOCC Special Meeting

9-20-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
9-20-2021 Board of Health Public Hearing
9-13-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
9-09-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
9-07-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
9-01-2021 BOCC Special Meeting to consider various contracts

8-23-2021 Planning Commission Work Session PART 1

8-23-2021 Planning Commission Work Session PART 2
8-18-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Newmont/Resurrection Easement & Jackass Jamboree
8-16-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting

8-09-2021 Planning Commission & BOCC Public Hearing - Tabor's Star & Murphy Rezone
8-02-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
7-29-2021 BOCC and The City of Leadville joint housing meeting
7-28-2021 Board of Adjustment Public Hearing: File #21-16 Taco Bell Sign Height Variance

7-26-2021 Planning Commission and BOCC Joint Meeting

7-26-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Address requests for exclusion from the Service Plan for the proposed Pan-Ark Estates Metropolitan District
7-22-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Rec Master Plan & Pan Ark Service Plan
7-22-2021 Board of Health Meeting
7-19-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
7-12-2021 Planning Commission Public Hearing - Angelview Preliminary Plan Application
7-06-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting

7-02-2021 Planning Commission Public Hearing - Iron Mask Camp CUP & Site Plan Review
6-30-2021 Housing Coalition Strategic Planning Work Session
6-29-2021 BOCC Work Session to review final handbook edits, and meet with CSU Extension regarding programming options for Lake County
6-21-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
6-16-2021 BOCC Meet and Greet for the Coroner Candidates
6-14-2021 Planning Commission Public Hearing - Taco Bell Restaurant & Drive-Through
6-07-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
6-03-2021 BOCC Work Session with CEDS for project updates and continued planning

6-03-2021 BOCC Work Session for an update on Twin Lakes and Gordon Acres Wastewater, Potable Water, and Fire Protection Issues and an update on Pan Ark Metro Special District
6-01-2021 BOCC Work Session for a discussion on space in county facilities and Opioid Settlement continued deliberation
5-28-2021 BOCC Work Session - SCEDDS Goal planning with the EDC
5-27-2021 BOCC Town Hall Q&A regarding County Manager
5-24-2021 Planning Commision Work Session + Public Hearing
5-24-2021 BOCC Special Meeting
5-20-2021 Town Hall with businesses for a COVID update on new pending Public Health Orders

5-19-2021 Housing Coalition Meeting
5-18-2021 Board of Adjustment Hearing
5-17-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
5-14-2021 BOCC Work Session to discuss Department of Human Services TANF allocation
5-11-2021 BOCC Work Session with the Housing Coalition and with the City of Leadville
5-10-2021 Planning Commission Work Session

5-10-2021 BOCC Special Meeting
5-10-2021 BOCC Work Session with the EDC for goal planning
5-03-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting

4-27-2021 BOCC Work Session to discuss American Rescue Plan funding and Childcare

4-27-2021 BOCC Work Session - PART 2

4-26-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
4-22-2021 BOCC work session with City of Leadville about Deed Restriction
4-20-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
4-20-2021 BOCC Work session with City of Leadville and Boom Days Committee
4-19-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
4-14-2021 LCCHP Meeting
4-12-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
4-12-2021 BOCC Special Meeting
4-09-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Going into executive session
4-09-2021 Public Works Annual Planning Meeting
4-06-2021 Building Board of Review Meeting
4-05-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
3-23-2021 BOCC Work Session
3-22-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
3-17-2021 LCCHP Meeting
3-15-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
3-11-2021 BOCC Work Session to review a draft procurement policy
3-09-2021 BOCC Special Meeting
3-08-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
3-01-2021 BOCC Regular Meeting
2-23-2021 BOCC Special Meeting
2-22-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
2-11-2021 BOCC Special Meeting
2-11-2021 Board of Health Meeting
2-09-2021 BOCC Special Meeting
2-09-2021 Airport Board Meeting
2-08-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
2-08-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Coming Out of Executive Session
2-08-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Going into Executive Session
2-02-2021 BOCC Work Session - Employee Handbook
2-01-2021 Monday BOCC Regular Meeting
1-29-2021 BOCC Work Session - Employee Handbook
1-26-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Coming out of Executive Session
1-26-2021 Tuesday BOCC Work Session
1-22-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Coming out of Executive Session
1-22-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Going into Executive Session
1-21-2021 Elected Officials and Department Directors Meeting
1-13-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Coming Out of Executive session
1-25-2021 Planning Commission Meeting
1-20-2021 Wednesday BOCC Regular Meeting
1-15-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Coming Out of Executive Session
1-15-2021 BOCC Special Meeting - Going Into Executive Session
1-12-2021 Swearing-in elected County Commissioners
1-11-2021 Monday Special BOCC Meeting
1-06-2021 Wednesday LCCHP Meeting
1-04-2021 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting
12-30-2020 Wednesday Special BOCC Meeting - Approving 2020 Supplemental Budget
12-22-2020 Tuesday Special BOCC Meeting - Approving Resolution 20-20 Mill Levies

12-21-2020 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting
12-15-2020 Tuesday Special BOCC Meeting - Adopting 2021 Budget
12-14-2020 Planning Commission Meeting
12-14-2020 Monday Special BOCC Meeting
12-11-2020 Friday Special BOCC Meeting
12-10-2020 Thursday Special BOCC Meeting - Coming Out of Executive Session
12-10-2020 Thursday Special BOCC Meeting - Going Into Executive Session
12-10-2020 Thursday Special BOCC Meeting
12-09-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work-Session
12-08-20202 Tuesday Special BOCC Meeting

12-07-2020 Monday BOCC Regular Meeting

12-01-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work-Session
11-30-2020 Monday Special BOCC Meeting
11-24-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work-Session
11-23-2020 Planning Commission Meeting
11-17-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work-Session

11-16-2020 Planning Commission Meeting
11-16-2020 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting
11-02-2020 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting
10-29-2020 Thursday BOCC Work session with the Herald Democrat for budget Q&A
10-22-2020 Special BOCC Meeting - Awarding bid for Huck Fin Lights and approving SIMS Mapping project
10-19-2020 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting

10-15-2020 Thursday BOCC Special Meeting - 2021 Preliminary Budget Presentation

10-07-2020 LCCHP Meeting

10-05-2020 Monday BOCC Regular Meeting

10-01-2020 Board of Health Meeting

9-30-2020 Wednesday BOCC Special Meeting

9-28-2020 Monday Special BOCC Meeting - Open Bids for SIMS Mapping

9-28-2020 Planning Commission Meeting

9-14-2020 Monday Special BOCC Meeting

9-09-2020 Regular BOCC Meeting - LCBAG update

9-03-2020 BOCC Special Meeting - Executive session - Payroll Deductions

9-01-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session - Update from Public Health & Library

8-26-2020 Wednesday BOCC Follow-Up Work Session with the Unmet Needs Committee

8-25-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session -update from Public Health

8-24-2020 Planning Commission Work Session

8-20-2020 Thursday Regular BOCC Meeting

8-14-2020 Friday BOCC Work Session with DOLA

8-11-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

8-10-2020 Monday Special BOCC Meeting

8-06-2020 Thursday Special BOCC Meeting

8-06-2020 BOCC Economic Recovery Meeting

8-03-2020 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting

7-30-2020 Thursday Special BOCC Meeting

7-29-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

7-28-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

7-27-2020 Monday BOCC Special Meeting

7-23-2020 Recovery Group Check-in

7-22-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

7-21-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

7-15-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

7-13-2020 Planning Commission & BOCC Joint Public Hearing

7-09-2020 Thursday Special BOCC Meeting

7-07-2020 Tuesday Special BOCC Meeting

7-06-2020 BOCC Coming Out of Exec Session 11:47

7-06-2020 BOCC Coming Out of Exec Session & Going into another

7-06-2020 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting

7-01-2020 LCCHP Meeting

6-30-2020 Special BOCC Meeting - Going into Executive Session

6-30-2020 Special BOCC Meeting - Coming out of Executive Session

6-29-2020 Board of Health Meeting

6-25-2020 Special BOCC Meeting - Going into Executive Session

6-25-2020 Special BOCC Meeting – Coming out of Executive Session

6-23-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

6-22-2020 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting

6-17-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

6-16-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

6-15-2020 Monday Regular BOCC Meeting

6-03-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

6-02-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

6-01-2020 Monday BOCC Regular Meeting

5-28-2020 Thursday BOCC Special Meeting

5-27-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

5-26-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

5-21-2020 Thursday BOCC Special Meeting

5-20-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

5-19-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

5-18-2020 Monday Regular Meeting of the BOCC

5-18-2020 Monday 10am Re-opening meeting

5-14-2020 Wednesday Special meeting of the BOCC

5-13-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

5-12-2020 Special Meeting of the BOCC

5-7-2020 Thursday BOCC Special Meeting

5-6-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

5-5-2020 Tuesday DOLA Recovery Presentation

5-04-2020 Monday Regular Meeting of the BOCC

4-28-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

4-27-2020 Joint Public Hearing - Gateway Village

4-23-2020 Thursday BOCC Special Meeting

4-22-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

4-21-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

4-20-2020 Monday Regular Meeting of the BOCC

4-16-2020 Thursday BOCC Special Meeting

4-15-2020 Wednesday BOCC Work Session

4-14-2020 Airport Advisory Board Meeting

4-14-2020 Tuesday BOCC Work Session

4-02-2020 Airport Apron Work

3-30-2020 Special Meeting of the BOCC 

3-20-2020 Special Meeting of the BOCC

3-20-2020 Special Meeting of the BOCC-continued