Short Term Rental Licenses

Lake County does allow Short Term rentals within residential structures. A license is required to operate a short term rental and can be obtained through the application process. Short Term Rentals are required to comply with the regulations outlined in the Land Development Code specifically Chapter 5 Section 5.2.18, please see the regulation section below.

The City of Leadville has their own process for Short Term Rentals and any questions about a city property should be directed to them. Here is a link to the City of Leadville's Short Term Rental Licensing.

Application Process

Lake County requires Four documents to be submitted when applying for a short term rental license

  • Completed Application
  • Completed Acknowledgement page
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Documentation of Tax Licenses or listing information with a company who will handle taxes (Airbnb, VRBO, Etc.)

Once the Land Use office has received these documents, we conduct an administrative review, process payment, and issue a license.

Here is the 2022 Short Term Rental Application

Licensed Short Term Rental List

Lake County provides a list of currently licensed short term rentals within the county.

Here is the 2022 Licensed Short Term Rental List

Regulations Regarding Short Term Rentals

Chapter 5 section 5.2.18 outlines the specific regulations for Short Term Rentals. Ranging from where they are allowed, submittal requirements, fees, standards, to violations and penalties.

Here is the Short Term Rental Regulations

Does Lake County have a cap on Short Term Rentals?
Currently Lake County does not have a limit on how many short term rentals are allowed in the county.
How do I know if my property is in the city or county?
You can use our GIS Mapping System to locate your property. There is automatically a boundary line designating the city borders.