I am coming in from out of state. What information do I need to register my car?

You will need to bring your out of state title with you, proof of insurance, and your driver's license. When you get to our office we will give you a vin inspection form. This form will be filled out by local law enforcement, or the Colorado state patrol.  

What if my out of state title is still with the finance company?

We will need you to bring a current out-of-state registration (it must be current or not over six months expired). If the registration is not available, the renewal notice may be accepted. A copy of the out-of-state title from the lien holder or computer printout showing current vehicle registration and ownership will also be acceptable. We will also need your identification card, and proof of insurance.

I have a Colorado title and would like to transfer it into my name. What will I need to bring?

You will need to bring in the title with the old owners signature and printed name on the back in the seller's spot. A one in the same may be required for the owners, as well as your signature. If you want plates we will need proof of insurance on the vehicle that you are trying to register and your id or driver's license.

What if the title has two names on it?

If the title holds two names on the front of the title both people must sign the back of the title before it can be transferred.

What if my title has rebuilt from salvage on it?

This means that at one point this vehicle was marked salvage and has been rebuilt to meet the requirements of the state of Colorado. If your title has this brand you will need a rebuilt from salvage disclosure before we will be able to transfer this vehicle into your name. These forms are available in our office.

How much will it cost me to plate this vehicle?

We do not know how much plates for any vehicle will cost until the paperwork is in the computer. Each vehicle is different based upon weight, year, and taxable value.

If I financed my vehicle when will I get my plates?

The dealer will send the paperwork to our office 30-45 days after you purchase the vehicle. Once the paperwork is placed into the system you will receive a title complete card in the mail. This is our office's way of telling you that the vehicle is ready to plate.

If I get the title complete card can I wait until my permit is expired to get my plates?

You can, but keep in mind that the state of Colorado collects ownership tax from the original date of purchase. So you can save some money by coming in as soon as you get the card.

Can I reuse my plates off of the vehicle I traded in or sold for this car?

Yes if your plates have not expired. Please bring in either the old registration, the plate or plate number and we will credit what is left of those plates towards your new vehicle.

Can I renew my plates by mail?

Yes. Please send a check, the renewal card, and if indicated by the card, you're proof of insurance. First time registration must be done in person.

Is there a grace period on my license plates?

Yes, you have the month that your plates expire plus until the last day of the next month to renew your plates. If you come in after your grace period has expired, the late fee will be charged to your account. There is a $25.00 late fee implemented by the state, plus additional ownership tax which varies for every vehicle.

Is there a grace period on my temporary permit?

No. Permits expire at midnight of the day that they were written for. You must change your out of state driver's license to a Colorado driver's license within thirty days of moving to Colorado!