DMV Service Fees


Requirements for CO Driver's license, Instruction permits, ID cards, CDL's, or Out of State Transfers have changed. As of June 8, 2016, customers with an expired license, ID card, etc., out of state transfers, must prove Lawful Presence, SSN, have 2 forms of physical address, before they can renew their document. Proof of Lawful Presence is State/County certified birth certificate or US passport. Proof of Social Security Number is SSN Card, W-2, SSA-1099 form, or Non-SSA 1099 form. 2 forms of physical address - Utility bill (service address bills), Property tax statement, Bank Statement, or Lease agreement. NO photo copies or HAND written documents accepted.

County Fees

Fees will change as of July 1, 2016.

Driver's License$26.00
Instruction Permits$16.80 (no change)
ID Card$11.50 (no change)
1st Duplicate (under 21/CDL's)$12.00
2nd or any Additional (under 21/CDL's) $14.00
CDL's$15.50 (no change)
Written Retests$11.15 (no change)
Driving Records$9.00

If you have any questions, please contact the County office at (719) 486-0888.

DMV Service Fees

Fees are established by the legislature.

Regular Drivers License$21.00

Regular Drivers License with Motorcycle endorsements


Regular Drivers License/Under 21 after holding CO Instructions Permit


Regular Driving Instruction Permit

Motorcycle Instructions Permit$14.00

Adding Motorcycle Endorsement to Existing CO License

Identification Cards (Inclds Dup) Under 60 Years or Age$10.50
60 Years and OlderFREE
Motor Vehicle Record$2.20
Civilian (Per Year)$3.00
Civilian with Motorcycle Endorsement$4.00
Please Note:
  • Commercial Driver's License/Commercial DL w/Motorcycle Endorsement/Commercial Instruction Permit: Please Call (303) 937-9507.
  • Duplicate Licenses Must Renew.
  • Probationary Driver's License - Frisco Office.
  • Extensions - Driver's Services: (303) 205-5613.