Leadville/Lake County Fire-Rescue does more than fight fire... much more. As your local, community based, all hazards, first-response emergency response agency, LLCFR reponds to motor vehicle accidents, rescues of all types, emergency medical incidents, releases of hazardous materials, and all other emergencies not directly related to law enforcement.

As the community's first-reponse emergency service, LLCFR also plans for emergency events of all sizes and kinds, working closely with the community to reduce the chance of various emergencies from ever happening.

Of course, we also fight fire...

Within our department each shift as well as each firefighter has their own responsibilities from day to day. We are divided into three shifts: A, B, and C. Below is what programs LLCFR and your firefighters are responisible for.

A Shift:

Wildland, Communications, Medical, Public Relations, Child Passenger Safety, Small Engine Maintenance 

B Shift:

Hazardous Materials Equiptment, SCBA, Apparatus, Hose Program

C Shift:

Training, Uniforms, Community Address Signs, Personal Protective Equipment, Technical Rescue Equipment, Reserve Coordination




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