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LLCFR's career staff consists of 1 Fire Chief, 3 Captains, 3 Engineers, and 3 Firefighters.
Each Captain, Engineer and Firefigter is assigned to A, B or C shift, working 48 hours on and 96 hours off for a 56 hour work week.


Our non-career staff serve as Resident or Reserve Firefighters. These members are fully trained and certified to at least the FF I level and provide shift coverage at either the Leadville or Twin Lakes fire stations. If you are interested in joining our Department through one of these non-career position, please visit our "Career and Non-Career Opportunties" section and select either the "Reserve" or "Residient" link for information on how to become a Reserve or Resident Firefighter.


The Department also has non-career opportunites through its Fire Corps program. Fire Corps members assist the Department in such critical areas as pre-fire and emergency incident planning, administrative services, website development, and emergency incident support. If you are interested in helping the Department in such capacities.


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