Outdoor Industry Summit in Leadville, CO: Exploring Sustainability + Responsible Tourism in Business

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Event Date: 
Friday, September 15, 2023 (All day)

 The stunning wilderness of Colorado is not only a playground for adventurers but also the catalyst for transformative change in the outdoor industry. The highly anticipated Outdoor Industry Summit, now in its third year, is set to unite small businesses, outdoor enthusiasts, and sustainability advocates in a landmark event that will shape the future of Colorado's outdoor landscape. 

The Summit, scheduled for September 15, 2023, at the Colorado Mountain College Leadville Campus, promises an awe-inspiring gathering amidst the majestic 14ers of Leadville, North America's highest incorporated city, soaring at 10,152 feet.

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The Summit boasts an extraordinary lineup featuring over 30 trailblazing businesses and visionary public sector models leading the charge in transforming Colorado's Outdoor Industry. With a steadfast focus on sustainability and responsible tourism, the Summit aims to inspire attendees to take decisive action in preserving the natural wonders that make Colorado a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Morning Keynote, presented by Scotty Stoughton, Founder of Bonfire Entertainment, WinterWonderGrass, and Adrift Adventures, is titled "Honoring + Respecting our Planet While Simultaneously Celebrating our Connection With It." This speech will delve into the profound bond between humanity and nature and offer insights into preserving it for future generations.

The Afternoon Keynote, Dani Reyes-Acosta, a multi-talented personality and founder of Nomad Creativa, Afuera Productions will deliver, "Can A Wild Thought Change the World? Connecting People to Themselves, The Great Outdoors, + Their Wildest Dreams They Never Thought Possible." Reyes-Acosta's talk is set to ignite attendees' belief in the power of their most audacious ideas and dreams.

The Summit will feature immersive breakout sessions, providing attendees with the opportunity to dive deeper into key topics and learn from industry experts. Additionally, the outdoor exhibitor hall will offer a platform for networking and engaging with innovative businesses and organizations driving change in the outdoor industry.

A highlight of the event will be the After Party at Freight, where the soul-stirring tunes of Bonfire Dub will keep the excitement alive long into the night, offering the perfect ambiance to reflect on the day's insights and foster lasting connections with fellow attendees. The evening event will also bring together attendees from the Outdoor Equity Summit which will be held the following day on September 16.

About the Summit: The Outdoor Industry Summit will explore sustainability and responsible tourism through four curated tracks of focus:

  • Innovations in Responsible Tourism: Colorado's thriving tourism industry must address its impact on the environment. The Summit will unveil groundbreaking approaches to protect public lands and rural areas while ensuring the sustainable growth of tourism.
  • Empowering Sustainability In Business: Businesses face the challenge of staying relevant while making a positive impact on the world. The Summit is dedicated to providing attendees with the tools and inspiration needed to thrive while actively contributing to a better future.
  • Inspirational Business Models: The Summit will spotlight B2B opportunities and unveil revolutionary business models designed specifically for the outdoor industry in Colorado. Attendees will discover innovative strategies that will redefine their approach to the market.
  • Collaborative Partnerships + Funding: The power of collaboration is undeniable in driving meaningful change. The Summit will explore the potential of public-private sector partnerships and highlight funding and grant opportunities tailored to support the outdoor industry.

This event presents an exceptional opportunity for like-minded change leaders to converge, spark ideas, and ignite the passion for a sustainable and thriving outdoor community. The Outdoor Industry Summit has been created and developed by the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC) and is proudly sponsored and supported by influential organizations, including the SBA, the Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT), Colorado Mountain College (CMC), Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office (OREC), CHFA, Chaffee, Lake and Park counties, Mountain Town + Mountain Women Magazines, Freight Leadville, Monarch Mountain, and The Tea Spot.

Early bird registration is open until August 24. Secure your spot now to be a part of this extraordinary event that promises to leave you inspired and empowered to shape the future of Colorado's outdoor industry. Join us at the Outdoor Industry Summit in Leadville, CO, and together, let's blaze a trail towards a sustainable and thriving outdoor future.

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