BOCC Appoints Peleg Mark Wadsworth Lake County Assessor, to fulfill term vacated by the resignation of Miguel Martinez in July

Judge Dunkleman swears in Assessor Wadsworth in the BOCC Chambers

(September 19, 2023) - Today the Lake County Board of County Commissioners appointed Peleg Mark Wadsworth to the role of Lake County Assessor, to fulfill the remaining term left vacant by the resignation of Miguel Martinez in July. Mr. Wadsworth was immediately sworn in by the Hon. Judge Paul R. Dunkelman (of the 5th Judicial District Court of Colorado) during the BOCC Meeting.

Mr. Wadsworth began working for Lake County Government in the position of Deputy Assessor in early July.  Following Mr. Martinez’s resignation July 13th, the BOCC appointed Mr. Wadsworth to serve as Interim Assessor, while they went through a process to identify a candidate to serve as Assessor until the next time that role comes to the ballot.

The Board of County Commissioners pursuant to Article XIV, Section 9 of the Colorado Constitution have the authority to appoint a new Lake County Assessor to fulfill the remainder of Mr. Martinez’s term. The Board advertised the vacancy and solicited letters of interest. They vetted letters, and the County Manager and County Attorney conducted interviews with top candidates. There was a written component to the evaluation to ensure the final candidate had sufficient knowledge and ability to serve the responsibilities of the office. Their recommendation was presented to BOCC this morning. Mr Wadsworth’s term runs through 2026.