Permanent Closure of the Lake County Aquatic Center

Recreation Master Planning on the Horizon
Aquatic Center Closure

Lake County Community Members, it is with a heavy heart that Lake County Government announces the permanent closure of the Lake County Aquatic Center.

Built in 1973 and partially renovated in 2004, the facility has reached end of life. Over the past nine years there have been a series of maintenance issues that have resulted in total expenses of $280,684.00, in addition to average annual operating expenses of $180,000.00.

As many of you know, the Aquatic Center has been closed since December 2020 to undergo repairs. Water is leaking between the liner, gutter, and aluminum shell. Our  Aquatics team has worked exhaustively with three separate pool vendors including the original installer. However, to date we have been unable to locate the source of the leak.

Water continues not only to accumulate under the liner but is also being lost in the recirculation process. Based on the attempted repairs and their failure, vendors have recommended a replacement of the liner and gutter as the next step. They ensure us that all repair options have been exhausted.

In addition to replacement of the liner, other facility upgrades are needed to address ADA compliance, updated CDPHE and Model Aquatic Health Code regulations, replace end of life equipment, and bring the aged facility up to modern day standards. On the conservative end these costs are estimated at $2.5 million, but should the community desire a new, modern facility costs are estimated at between $10-13 million.

Staff have started the steps needed to properly close the facility and shutdown equipment.

While this will be a loss to the community, take heart that Lake County Government has a plan in place to address this gap in community services. The Board of County Commissioners, Recreation Advisory Board and Recreation Department team have agreed to embark on the process to develop an updated Recreation Master Plan

(previous iteration 2002) that will provide vision for recreation services in Lake County. The Master Plan will act as a steering document to determine what facilities, programs and service levels are desired by the community, guide in resource allocation and investments, and provide an action plan with clear goals and objectives. While a timeline has not yet been developed, work to determine the full Master Plan scope will begin within the next month. A new Master Plan should be in place no later than 2022.

If you have questions or would like to receive updates and information on how you can participate in the Master Planning process, please reach out to Amber Magee at 719-486-7486 or [email protected] OR Sarah Mudge, [email protected] – 719.293.0177